I ran for public office for the first time because I knew we needed the voice of ordinary Rhode Islanders in the General Assembly. I am a mother, wife and public school teacher. I have high student debt, have lost many of my students to gun violence and have lived pay check to pay check. I get the struggle of hard working Rhode Islanders; and yes, I will be fighting for all of us.  


I am from a generation of fighters. I will fight with every fiber of my being for the middle class, those trying to get into the middle class and the poor. The so called economic boom has not been a reality for most Rhode Islanders, people are living in poverty and children are going to bed hungry. We are better than that. As your Representative, I will fight for our children who deserve a 21 st century education, for college students hunted down by predatory lenders and burdened by high student debt, our teachers who are the front line and standing up for our children, you’re not alone. For our seniors, immigrant communities, veterans, I am on your side fighting for you. It is not okay that our beautiful planet is disappearing, I will fight to save our planet.